31 March 2007


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I used to stand there at work, with my back to the crowd. I fell into my thoughts very easily. I would drift off into another rolling idea, another fantasy that wished you would go far away from me to ease my troubled mind. I would stand there with my pen in hand, checking off my list thoroughly. You would cross my mind and I could almost feel you breathing down my neck, I could feel your confused brown eyes watching me and my fumbling hands.

Truth be told, I wished you would creep up on me from behind. I imagined your teeth biting the back of my neck, your hands pawing at my flesh and pulling my hair. Pulling my body towards you, without seeing your face. Feeling how hard you could possibly get, pressed against the small of my back.

I would turn around to see if you were there. And you were, you were always waiting for me silently. I pretended that I was surprised to see you, holding a large dark roast coffee as your shy bottom lip quivered.

I was never surprised at you, only with myself.

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30 March 2007

Curious Confessions

I wonder about you. I wonder how long, how long - my delicious and secret lover. You told me, in typewritten words, confessions that tasted salty and sour. They repulsed me and I hid, only to become warm and curious. I know you want my pale skin, my long and slender body over yours.

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