18 May 2007


Your voice sang in my ear, telling me delicious words that made me wet.
I was silenced by you, save for the moans that slipped past my parted lips.
You told me what to do and how to play with myself and I enjoyed the power you had over me.
My fingers were curious, I have to admit.
Dangerously curious.
You set up the scenario perfectly.
My legs were spread out before you.
You were across the room, watching me play with myself.
My pants were tangled on the floor.
My hand crept underneath my lace thong, fingertips exploring my own soft skin.
My panties were wet at the thought of you.
You told me how you would lick at me.
You told me we'd be fucking in twenty minutes.
You told me that you would make me cum and that you expect the same.
My fingers rubbed my clit, gently at first.
Make it loud, you demanded.
My fingers, in and out and in and out of my wet cunt.
My fingers, curling inside of me.
My legs wide open and shaking.
My mind wishing my hand was your hard cock.
Your hard cock in your hand, moan slipping past your own parted lips.
Make it loud, you demanded.
You wanted to hear me cum, you wanted my juices on your lips.
Where do you want me to cum, you demanded.
On my hard nipples, my mouth, my lips.
All over me, I moaned desperately.

You heard me cum.
I heard you cum.
That is where our relationship ended.

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