16 June 2007


I wanna be your secretary,
I wanna be
my knees.
I wanna be your secretary,
do whatever you

I wanna walk into your office
in fishnets and high heeled shoes.

I wanna drop your paperwork
onto the floor
just to bend over in my short, tight skirt
and have you slap my ass for my
terribly bad behavior.

I wanna be your secretary
and stay late with you,
my slavedriver.

I wanna let my hair fall down
to my pale shoulders to give you the idea
to seduce me.

I want you to lock your office door
only to be thrown across your desk
and be fucked by you.

13 June 2007

Hot Summer Night

It's too hot to think about anything other than being fucked.
My clothes cling to my body desperately, wishing you could peel them off.
I suck on an ice cube to cool me down, wishing you were in my mouth.
My skin is sticky, and I'm wishing you could run your tongue across my stomach.
And I'm wishing you could run your tongue against my thigh.
And I'm wishing you could run your tongue along my neck.
And I'm wishing you could lick my hard nipples.
And I'm wishing my lonely hands were yours, only to discover how wet you make me when I least expect it.
And I'm wishing you could thrown me down -
and ravage me
and use me
and bite me all over
and abuse me
and fuck me
on this terribly lusty hot summer night.

08 June 2007


You're the devil of distraction
and I'm simply eager to please.
I know I am not the only one who has fallen,
before you on trembling, curious knees.

You and your ways, you and your stern voice.
It was the voice the commanded me, directed me
to touch myself, and made me cum.
Prior to that, our engagement consisted of naughty words
and blurred photographs.
I was too desperate to share.
I was too curious to find out that I was not the only one.
I gave you something that was solid in the depths of dormancy
and faithfulness.
I became weak at your words and I gave.
You and your veiny hands, your painted eyes.
You lapped up everything as my hands explored my own body.
You got what you asked for and turned away,
leaving me wanting another taste
leaving me wanting another touch of hand
leaving me wanting a thrusting playfulness
leaving me wanting that escape you concocted
leaving me wanting.
You, the devil of distraction, have disappeared.


I called you tonight.
I hung up at the sound of your sleepy voice
and I sincerely apologize for waking you up.
Would you forgive me, if you knew it was me?
Did you wonder who it was, curiously?
I like to believe, the music gave it all away.
I like to believe, you fell back into bed with thoughts of me.

The truth is, you probably groaned and rolled over in bed.
You probably cursed this mysterious stranger.
Your thoughts turned to sleep, your body to the back of your lover.
While I sit, waiting shamefully by the telephone
with delicious and sad thoughts of you.

05 June 2007

wet from the rain and you.

With your tongue in your mouth, you kissed me in the rain. Drops of rain hit our skin, our bodies pressed together. You bit my bottom lip passionately as you pulled me even closer. I mumbled words into your hungry mouth, you make me wetter than the rain that is drenching us. You make me wet.

With your hand tangled in my wet hair, you pulled my head back to expose my pale neck. My lips remained parted, my breath heavy. You sternly told me not to say another word, you just wanted to have your way with me as you please. Your mouth lingered on my neck, hard kisses mixed with teasing bites that left marks. Your tongue danced across my neck, my shoulders, my collarbone. My back arched in your honour. A moan slipped past my lips again.

Your lips found mine again. Your tongue traced my lips, teeth nibbling. Those kisses frightened me because they were so raw, saying so much without a word. Your hands ran down my wet body, down my back and across my ass. Those curious hands of yours matched the curiosity of your mouth. Our tongues twisted together, entwined. Your right hand ran down my bare leg, raising my long, smooth, wet leg around your body. Your left hand ran up my skirt, only to find I was not wearing any panties. Your hungry lips grew into a smile as our teeth awkwardly bumped. You moaned into my mouth and your cock felt even harder against my inner thigh. My hips grinded into yours. I want you inside of me, I thought. I want you to fuck me in the rain. Pull my wet hair, I thought, and make me cum. Your fingers were inside me now, you were pleased at how wet you made me and how tight I felt. You pulled away to look me in the eyes, raising your hand to place your wet fingers in my mouth, allowing me to lick them eagerly. You kissed my mouth as your fingers were in my mouth, so we can both have a little taste of me. Your eyes narrowed. You spun me around hard, pinning me against the wall as you raised my leg, hiked up my skirt, unzipped your pants.

Fuck me in the rain, I begged, fuck me hard.