25 August 2007

like tonight

I could use colorful language or fluid poetry but it is too hot outside to bother. There is something about hot and humid and sticky days and nights like tonight that makes me want to:

peel off all of my clothes.
feel your body sticky against mine.
take your sweat on my parted lips.
explore my own body with my own curious fingers.
call you only to say dirty things in your ear.
hear how much you want to fuck me.
ravage you.

20 August 2007


You tell me to be honest, not to be shy.
I like to imagine those words of yours, whispered against confident skin.
Reassuring me with lips that brush against my waiting ear, the hollow of my throat.
Your moves are gently calculated and eagerly scheming against my flesh that wonders.
I wonder.

Your fingertips slid down my arm.
You called it a caress, a test, if you will.
I walked away on shaky legs.
I always feel weak around you.
It's beginning to show, I'm afraid.
When you were far enough from me, a low moan slipped past my painted lips.
It is my turn to feel a fiery gesture.

A morsel of truth:
You are electrifying; your body is terrifically frightening,
your mind is deliciously devilish
and words utterly intriguing,
and I ache.
My body aches for yours.
My mind lusts for your thoughts.
My mouth begs for your perfect words.