24 September 2007


I often think about how you would fuck me.

This isn't a new thought. It has crossed my mind since the first day you crossed my path. I have sized you up in my mind, regardless if you are before me or far from me. I have sized you up, I have crawled on my hands and knees towards you, I have been your dirty slut in pigtails and knees high socks in my weakest and most fiery thoughts. You have thrown me on my back, your knees have pushed my legs apart, your strong hands have pinned my wrists behind my own back. I think of possible scenarios and various positions while I am sitting on the subway or in the middle of a redundant work task. If you see that certain smile cross my face, you will know what I am thinking - being fucked at work, being fucked by you.

I'm at work.
I'm leaning over the counter, scribbling some nonsense on crisp paper with an inky pen.
I'm wearing a short skirt, a tight and low-cut shirt.
I'm aware of my long legs and how well they look as I lean over the counter.
In fact, I get some satisfaction knowing that I am being objectified by strangers.
In fact, I get so wet knowing that I am being objectified by you.

I always have sensed you even though I was always surprised by you.
Today, I know you are behind me.
You are tired of waiting for me to notice.
I enjoy pretending that I do not notice.
I think it's you and I could twirl around to see your face if I wanted to.
I want to feel what your next move is.

Your breath is on my neck.
You are watching me.
I slowly grind my hips to the music, against the counter.
I know you are watching me and I use it to my advantage.
Your strong hand reaches out, sliding up my smooth leg that now quivers.
I question, is it really you or is this a stranger seducing me?
Your right hand feels familiar and is hot to my aching skin,
fingertips running up my inner thigh as your lips brush against the back of my neck.
Your left hand slips under my shirt, hard nipple in between fingers.
I moan, my back arches into you.
You tease with your hands and your impatient breath.
You know how wet I am as your fingers explore.
You play with me until my breath becomes heavy, shaky.

I whispered with a certain edge in my voice,
is that the best you can do?
in hopes that you will become a little more aggressive with me and my body.

You stop teasing my nipples.
You stop rubbing my clit.
You run your left hand up my back and into my hair,
while your other hand unzippers and unbuttons.
You pull my hair, twisting my neck before your mouth and my body closer to yours.
My mouth is parted, my eyes are closed.
I gasp.
You lick my neck and you bite at my skin.
You're mine, you firmly state,
before pushing me down onto the counter, face down...
hand pulling my hair to arch my back...
hand hiking up my skirt and pressing fingertips into my hip...
the other hand, grasping my breast...
and you...
You push yourself into me...
I'm all yours...as you grind into me with your hard cock that I want in my mouth...
over and over and over again,
against the counter as you take me from behind
and title me yours,
your dirty little slut.