10 September 2009

Momentary Wishes

~ Strong arms around me
~ A kiss on the cheek and/or the forehead
~ A shoulder to lean on so that I could have an honest cry
~ Unexpected phone calls from long lost friends
~ Laughter with the girls
~ A terribly cheesy pick-up line thrown my way
~ An empty bed for a good night's sleep
~ A super-orgasm
~ An extended break from many people, many things
~ Black inky pens and letters hidden in my pocket
~ The comfort of family
~ Financial security
~ To be amazed and to be amazing to someone

I wonder what you wish for?

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

"there's sunshine behind every cloud,
there is beauty in the biggest asshole
there are people that will let you down,
but it doesn't matter.
If you let go
just roll with the change
a little piece will follow
your way."