18 April 2009


"It's not just the copulation. It is the whole understanding that we are irresistibly attracted to one another, and we have to deal with this. We are irresistibly lonely for each other, and we have to deal with this, and we have to deal with our bodies and with our hearts and souls and minds, and it's an urgent appetite."

~ Leonard Cohen, on the subject of Suzanne.

Saunders: So would you say in a way, in the spiritual sense, you were great lovers at some level?

Suzanne: Oh yes, yes, I don’t hesitate to speak of this, absolutely. As I say, you can glance at a person and that moment is eternal and it’s the deepest of touches and that’s what we’d shared, Leonard and I, I believe.

~ Suzanne, on the subject of Suzanne.

Dear Neighbor,

You should do more yard work in that wife beater that reveals your strong arms and hairy chest more often. Was it me or were you purposely inching closer to me, as we chatted on the sidewalk? Whatever the case, you gave me a good smile and something to think about.

The Girl in the Cardigan.