31 August 2009

29 August 2009

The Fall

It feels like autumn today.
It is no longer summer.
Your hands can no longer
easily move up my bare legs,
under my thin summer skirt.

Soon, my love,
there will be many layers
of coats and buttons and zippers
to challenge your long fingers.

27 August 2009


I do not have many words to share tonight.
Tonight, I am alone.
Bob Marley plays in the background.
Listening to him feels like warm sunlight on bare skin.
My body sways to the music.
There is a slight smile on my face, my eyes are half-shut.
I am calm.

Whenever I go home, I seem to forget
how much I love the contrast
of field vs. sky.
It makes me want to spread my arms out
and breathe in the prairie air
and when I finally exhale,
I feel a certain kind of freedom,
a certain kind of calm.

I seek solace in you.
I can freely admit that now.
Maybe I'm right, maybe I'm wrong
to turn to you when things don't feel good.
You've always been so gentle around me,
so soothing, so calming.
You are so many more things,
I want to learn of.
For now, I can only grateful for you
and the way you make me feel -
appreciated and desired.
For now, I can only tell you
that you are always with me,
no matter where I am.
Though we may be confusing,
dangerous, heartbreaking...
When I see your eyes
and hear your voice,
I am calm.
(Of course, after a good thirty minutes
or so, of sheer nervousness,
I think with a smile).

23 August 2009

Press Play

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Never Enough

this humidity is enough to drive me mad
peel off all my sticky clothes
and lie in the wet grass
looking up at the black sky
and the circling bats
trying not to forget
the weight of your body
on top of mine
and the way
you barely kissed me
fingertips to direct
my mouth to yours
at last
but never enough
my aching flesh declares
never enough.


I am finally tired.
After a week, I am finally tired.

I have pushed my body hard.
My muscles are sore from working out.
I imagined that a night with you was the cause of that pain.

I was kept awake by thoughts and the summer heat
that made me weak, made my skin ache.
I imagined that my hands were yours under the cool cotton sheets.
You kept me up so very late, needing more.

I am lost in my studies
as I sat in class with half-shut, faraway eyes
and a painted smirk on my face.
Thinking of your lips so close to mine,
feeling your breath on my flesh - at last!
Relieved and worried and electrified
and so incredibly wet for you,
and yet so very comfortable against your body - at last!
The teacher asked me a question,
bringing me back to now.
My fingertips wiped the sweat off my brow.
A quiet mmmm slipped past my lips.
Ca va?
Ca va, I sighed,
with the image of you pushing me back on that desk,
papers and pencils and books crashing to the floor,
and fucking me hard.

I am so tired, my love.
My body is so sore
and I need to come so badly,
satisfy my lust for you.
I want you in my mouth,
I want you to dominate me, have your way.
Afterward, let me fall into your arms.
Give me a kiss on the forehead
and a few kind words in my ear to tell me
not to worry,
go to sleep, beautiful -
I will not break your heart.

19 August 2009


i anticipate you finding all those spots that make me weak.

16 August 2009


Tonight, I will go to bed with a smile on my face
and skin that still aches for you.

05 August 2009

View from Above

Your hard cock in my mouth.
Mmmm, you taste so good.

02 August 2009


A long time ago, I hid your letters and left them anonymous.
I labeled them as "ideas".
I stumbled upon them and tonight, tonight,
I feel dizzy drunk and weak
that certain kind of power you have over me
that screams danger and begs for you to fuck me
give me that five year primed fuck of unimaginable scale
that you mentioned
even though I now question why my "lipstick coated,
flakes of enamel kind of intimacy" excites you
(What does that mean exactly,
I wonder with raised eyebrow).

You, you, you.

You are the ache and the hunger
that crawls across my flesh
and lingers in my private words
You are the silence in my voice
when I really want to say ...........

Lost Scribbles.

It’s been four years,

And you’re still in my mind,

You’ve never left.

Still don’t know,

If I was right or

If you could have won

The love of a prairies girl.