30 December 2009


You said in your curious voice
your gloves were off
so I waited, naked,
with clothes around my feet.
I'm yours for the taking,
I declared silently,
knowing you will never:
~ take me on
~ take me out
~ push my legs open with a confident knee
~ whisper beautiful words into my lonely ear.

You had your chance,
my love, you had your chance.

11 December 2009

I Remember

"...please don't let what was get in the way of what's next, don't forget that what's to come hasn't come yet"

by Devendra Banhart

07 December 2009

It's Getting Late

What we crave to hear,
passed between parted lips,
our hungry ears never taste.
but always wait, foolishly.

03 December 2009


Jezebel, en francais, par Jennifer Charles d'Elysian Fields. Sa voix est tres sensuelle, elle est tres belle.

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