29 June 2010


I will be there soon.
No pressure, I claim.
There is never any pressure, my love.
There are only wishes
to find myself standing before you again,
to find myself in your arms
with your breath on my neck.
I'll take five minutes.
I'll take an hour.
You can spend the night with me
under the stars and covered in bug spray,
if you want to.
I'll behave, I promise.

It may not be possible or ideal.
But, love, wouldn't it be nice to simply forget
about our fucked up lives
and just be in silence with one another?
I won't sell you on the idea but,
ah, I can dream.

I have many dreams about you.
We're in various positions
of tangled bodies and bliss,
curious tongues and confusion.

Don't let my presence frighten you away.
I understand your silence.

26 June 2010


i'm irritated tonight.
i feel like i have been picked apart and dissected.
people mean well but sometimes go a little too far.
i only need advice when i ask for it.
i did not ask.
sometimes you just have to let people talk, give their advice.
it makes them feel better.

i never second guess you.
i never second guess my feelings.
for you, they are genuine and as long as you and I know
what we mean to each other -
that's all that truly matters.

21 June 2010

Things I See That Make Me Smile #2

The color green.
Surrounded by green and standing under trees.
A perfect spot to make out with you.

20 June 2010

Confession #7

Though we are not together nor have we ever been together, my heart is incredibly faithful and loyal to you. I realize that may not make a lot of sense regardless of the hour this is being written at.

A few months ago, a lonely friend of mine accidentally brushed his fingers against my hand. He let his fingers linger, practically holding my hand. I didn't want to move my hand abruptly to cause an uncomfortable scene. I know he was lonely. As we briefly looked over his manuscript together with his fingers touching mine, I thought of you. I wondered if you would be jealous that he was touching my skin. I wondered if you would feel hurt to know another man was within reach. I felt incredibly sad for you and me and our situation but I did realize that one thing - my heart is faithful to you. It may not make sense and it may even be humorous in a twisted sort of way, but that is my truth.

I long only for your touch. I am yours for as long as you want me, near or far.

13 June 2010

Things I See That Make Me Smile #1

(A pile of records waiting for trash day/someone to take 'em home ... down my street.)

Sometimes I like to think that Olivia Newton John brought us together.

I still smile at that time you came into the store and I looked down at what you placed on the counter ... I saw you before that moment and I was always curious in you but that truly brought an amused grin on my face. That's how you got stuck in my head. The sexy tall stranger with the sexy hot voice with possibly questionable music tastes that I could possibly tease him about in the future, maybe. I would always keep an eye open in hopes you would walk by. Sigh ...

Hey! Let's get physical! *smiles*

10 June 2010

A dream called When?

Your body carefully crawled on top of my body, pushing me back onto the bed. It reminded me of last summer when we were alone and when we slowly fell back onto the grass in the middle of a humid summer night. As your body covered mine, you moved your lips close to my mouth. Almost touching. Almost kissing. Almost at last. The room we were in was quiet save for our heavy breathing which was laced with desire. You hesitated. I could feel your body fighting against right and wrong, lust and temptation.

You whispered, your soft lips speaking against mine, "We can't do this right now."

I found it incredibly sexy to be spoken to in this manner, your lips forming words against my flesh, against my lips. The message, however, was frustrating.

Against your mouth that I longed to explore, I whispered a sad but pleading, "When?"

You pressed your cheek against mine and softly said, "Soon, my love, soon."

I kissed your cheek and left a mauve colored lipstick stain. I pulled away from you to watch your face. You wore the expression of sadness, temptation, and frustration. Playfully, I laughed as I wiped your cheek with my cold fingers and then with the corner of the bed sheet. Kindly, you smiled.

I left the room to take off my lipstick in front of a mirror. I rubbed the lipstick off on a piece of tissue. I wanted to properly kiss you whether you liked it or not. You spoke to me in a clear, loud voice from the bedroom.

"I don't understand how you have so much control," you wondered. "We're on a bed. We're both in our robes half naked and it's too difficult to control myself."

I smirked at my reflection in the mirror. The lipstick was almost gone revealing my natural lip color.

"Once I lose control," you quietly admitted. "I won't be able to stop myself."

We were both weak for each other. Confidently, I walked towards the bedroom with my head held high and the corners of my mouth curling into a smile. I knew what was going to happen next....

(And then the alarm rang. Fucker. I was totally going to crawl on top of you and kiss you deeply and make you lose thatWh control...)

09 June 2010

Confession #6

Sometimes I wish I had something of yours. A little scribbled note. Some random and small part to a bicycle. Something that you carry with you every day or something that makes you smile. Something I can hold in my hand. I would keep it in my pocket or tuck it away in my wallet. I'd have something physical of yours with me at all times like I carry you in my heart and in my thoughts. Maybe it sounds silly but I don't care if it does.

One day in the park, I found the world's smallest plastic dinosaur. I've thought about slipping it into your pocket the last time I saw you because the thought of you randomly finding the world's smallest plastic dinosaur in your pocket (and months later) makes me smile. I also found the world's smallest plastic tiger. They make a cute couple.

Hey, you're beautiful and I like making you smile. Actually, I'd love to have one of your shirts but that would be pressing my luck to keep something that smells of you and doesn't quite fit in my pocket. It would, however, fit nicely against my naked body. My blog, my confession!

I've been meaning...

I've Been Meaning To Sing You The Song
Music & Lyrics by Sivert Hoyem

You know you're in trouble
when the spotlight is on you,
when nothing can be trusted,
and you don't know what to do.
Hold on to yourself.
You're just someone like me
and you're slowly becoming
what you're pretending to be.

I've been meaning to sing you the song,
I've been meaning to sing you the song for so long.

And to all you good people
that were lost along the way,
I have need for your smiles
and friendship today.
All those magical nights
when our aim seemed so true.
You of all must know the reason
I still feel like I do.

I've been meaning to sing you the song,
I've been meaning to sing you the song for so long.

I must take to the stage.
I need nerves of steel.
No matter how weak
and how weightless I feel.
I just wanted to come across strong.
Who, really, who was I trying to fool?

I've been meaning to sing you the song,
I've been meaning to sing you the song for so long.
I've been meaning to sing you the song,
I've been meaning to sing you the song for so long.

06 June 2010


i want your tongue
in my mouth,
on my skin,
and between my legs.

05 June 2010

One of Life's Mysteries

Why does the telephone ring constantly whenever I have time alone to play with myself? And why is it always the most un-sexiest of people? Really, y'all are killing my mood.

Bittersweet, bitter sleeps.

Catch The Wind by Donovan

In the chilly hours and minutes,
Of uncertainty, I want to be,
In the warm hold of your loving mind.

To feel you all around me,
And to take your hand, along the sand,
Ah, but I may as well try and catch the wind.

When sundown pales the sky,
I wanna hide a while, behind your smile,
And everywhere I'd look, your eyes I'd find.

For me to love you now,
Would be the sweetest thing, 'twould make me sing,
Ah, but I may as well, try and catch the wind.

When rain has hung the leaves with tears,
I want you near, to kill my fears
To help me to leave all my blues behind.

For standin' in your heart,
Is where I want to be, and I long to be,
Ah, but I may as well, try and catch the wind.

03 June 2010


(Awesome tarot deck - Housewives Tarot Deck)

"Quit your job.
Fire your boyfriend.
Move somewhere tropical."

(I love my dermatologist.)

02 June 2010

Nothing to Say

The Fight Song by ANE BRUN

(i am concerned that slowly but surely, my sexiness is being sucked away. help me bring it back. you make me smile, my love, just knowing that you are around the corner in my mind. it may be a bittersweet smile but it is still a smile. sigh. my little weekend cannot come soon enough. i need some happy. here's some happy. please listen. Stuff like this always makes me smile and reminds me of hot summer nights.)

I Shall Sing - JUDY MOWATT

01 June 2010

Confession #4 & 5

I have always thought it is super sexy - like make you weak kneed and instantly wet - to be whispered in the ear ... words naughty and crude and dirty ... words from out of nowhere and, preferably, in public or a place where one shouldn't be whispering what you'd like to do to me. Of course, it doesn't work if you have a scary crazy person voice as I once confessed this to a man I casually dated and his whispering voice made me want to spray mace in his eyes. With that being said, I think you would have the perfect voice to take me by surprise. So, next time we are out in public and there are people around, you should lean in when I least expect. Put your lips dangerously close to my ears so I could feel your breath on my skin and tell me what you find sexy and what you want to do to me that very instant. I will probably blush and smile but it will instantly make me weak. This also applies to surprise phone calls at work. Mmm, so hot.

There's an exhibitionist that constantly battles with the shyness in me. Sometimes I'm tired of being a "good girl". I guess that would be "Confession #5".


The wonderful, beautiful Wendy McNeill.