27 November 2010


I want to tear you to pieces, KM. Deliciously, secretly, hungrily. The way you move makes me sweat and bite my bottom lip to hide my dirty little smirk. You are something fierce and you make mornings dizzy and exciting. I dare you to lean in on the crowded subway car and say something naughty in my ear.

21 November 2010

done like dinner

Ex-Chef by DeliciousSatisfaction 2010

you did more than just break my heart.

19 November 2010

nothing to you

"well, i'm some stain there on your bed sheet,
you're my diamond in the rough."

~Paolo Nutini

13 November 2010


“The key is to get to know people and trust them to be who they are. Instead, we trust people to be who we want them to be- and when they're not, we cry.” ~unknown

Tonight, I hate you. I hate you for making me (temporarily) lose faith in people because, out of everyone in my life, I believed in you the most. I ache for the last seven years of my life and you will never read this because you are not man enough to get out of your "bad place" and, at the very least, give me a proper goodbye.

I've been hurt in many different and unique ways; cheated on, lied to, broken up with because I wouldn't swallow come, forced upon sexually, etc. You? You've shredded my heart into unrecognizable scraps when you knew the door was always open for you to be honest. My heart aches and YOU DON'T GIVE A SHIT.

You had so much time to right this wrong.

11 November 2010


on the subway,
your body sitting,
leaning forward with
elbows on knees.
i stand,
pressed between strangers
and you.
my leg brushes against yours
and the sleepy morning commuters
are too tired to notice
your fingers
crawling up my calf,
my knee,
my thigh.
brown eyes look angrily
up at me,
as i bite my lip and smile.
i lean closer,
an invitation
for further exploration
for a beautiful stranger.

06 November 2010

Stumble to Fall

Stumble to Fall - Titiyo

((i know i was not the only one))

If Only Your Bed Could Cry

If Only Your Bed Could Cry - Moto Boy & Titiyo
(Written, arranged, performed, recorded and produced by Oskar Humlebo)

There are so many memories
muted in your pillow
tattooed on your walls
they've seen it all and kept it in

And I know you still believe
the void is in your sleep
painted on your dreams
they've seen it all and kept it in

Aching for release
aching for relief

If only your bed could cry

02 November 2010

Fragile Are All Lies

Blue by Human Drama
Words by the wonderfully talented & deliciously sexy Johnny Indovina

I see confusion in your eyes
A heartless shell exposed
Fragile are all lies

I hear a need in your voice
Twisting turning thoughts
That tie me up in knots

I feel a distance in your touch
Do you fear what you may feel?
The years they do insist

And hesitation in your wish
To find what has been lost
I know you will not look

The blue has fallen from the sky
And it has cast its hue
Over my heart

The blue that once did cover the sky
Controls my every thought
Exposing every lie

Crossing boundaries set in stone
Do we find friend or foe?
A tale that time will tell

I cry you see no tear
I scream you do not hear
This cut will never heal