25 May 2011

For JP

Her brown eyes, sad and heavy.
Her skin, aching and curious
to crawl under crisp, white sheets
and find him there,
breathe him in,
taste and fall...

Turned away on her own side,
she is left with dreams
of the touch of his cold, foreign hand,
his breath hot on the back of her lonely neck,
and a whisper in her ear -
the terrified confessions
of two strangers in love
that they don't understand.

Middle of the night
and she knows he is waking up
to start his day, somewhere.
Her sleepy fingers, under wrinkled blankets,
crawl up her white thighs instead
in pleasure, in sorrow, in his honor.
Swallowing every word left unsaid,
she closes her troubled eyes
and her heart pounds,
forever unrequited.

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