07 February 2011

On Your Birthday

It is your lack of effort
that will cause you to lose me.

Happy birthday.
You are free
I am not as worthless
as you treated me.

05 February 2011

confession #9

I masturbated to the hockey game because I know you are watching. On Monday, you wear your jersey and I'll wear an all-knowing smirk.

Dale Hawerchuk by Les Dales Hawerchuk

04 February 2011


I am unable to tell if our emails were flirtatious
or if it is this damn office fetish.
Whatever the case, you made me smile
and caused a spark of devilish thoughts
in my restless mind, under my aching skin.
You can fuck me, cher co-worker ~
vous etes tres sexy avec vos longs cheveux noirs et gris,
vos yeux bruns qui me regarde.
Je m'excuse mon Francais!
Perhaps that is the sentence I will give you,
since you say I owe you one en Francais,
and hope I don't get fired....

There's an empty stair well nearby.
My lips are painted red and hungry.
You're tall, dark, and mysterious.
Between hungry kisses and entwined bodies,
let's speak each other's language poorly
and let your hair hang down in your face
because it makes you look fierce and mean.
Hold my wrists and bite my neck,
your unshaven face against my soft skin -
you can take me on, you can have your way
dans le bureau and between my legs,
fuck me hard when everyone is thinking
I am downstairs getting coffee
and you are on a cigarette break.

Il est une idee delicieuse, non?!