25 August 2011


I act brave and I act strong
but I know, at the bottom of my shattered heart,
there is a drop of hope in a sea of sadness.
A hope that begs of you to come around
so we could talk together
like I needed to so long ago.
A hope that gently pushes you
to pick up the phone to give me a proper goodbye.
A hope that confirms you were not a fucking lie in my life.

You fucked me up like
no one

Fuck secrets.
Fuck your lies.
Fuck laziness and your protection.

You had so much time to right this wrong. To talk to me. And you failed me. You used me, you said you loved me, you fucked me, and you fucked off. That was easy for you. Saying a respectful goodbye was not. I still don't understand.

I wish you could help me understand and prove me wrong.